30 Great Blog Ideas For Your Vacation Rental

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Ok, so you finally did the smart thing and started a blog on your Vacation Rental website. You even wrote your obligatory (but not needed or rarely read) “Welcome to our new blog” post. So now what? Are you stuck trying to come up with ideas to write about?  Here are 30 ideas to get you started.  As “numbered list” topics are very popular, many will be along these lines:  “The 5 best [fill in the blank] in [your city].  Put in the appropriate number that makes sense for your list. It could be 3 or 30 like my post here. If you sell your location and attractions, rather than just your rental, you will have much more to talk about, and won’t come off as a pushy salesperson. You can certainly mix in some updates about your property, just don’t focus on it.

Your headlines are what sells your blog post. Make it interesting, mysterious, and leave them wanting more. Have the headline target a specific group so it speaks directly to a potential guest. Not just “Hikers” but “Hardcore Hikers” or “Family Friendly Hikes” or whatever the target market you are going after.  Get specific to get results!


Food & Drink

1. The 5 Best New Restaurants in _______.

2. 4 Amazing Pizza Joints in _________.

3. Where To Get The Best Breakfast In ________.

4. Lovebirds Unite: 4 Romantic Dinner Spots In _________.

5. Have You Had These 6 Incredible Cocktails In ______?

6. The 5 Best Family Friendly Restaurants in ______.

7. 4 Sushi Spots That Rock ________’s World.

8. Hamburger Heaven: You Will Die Happy After These 3 Burgers in ______.

9. The 3 Best Coffee Houses in _______ That Only The Locals Know About.

Attractions & Activities

10. Family Fun: 6 Things Your Kids Must See in _______.

11. Day Trips Near _______: 4 That Can’t Be Missed.

12. 5 Hardcore Hikes in ________.

13. 3 Easy Family Hikes in _______.

14. Where To Water Ski in _______: My Top 4 Picks.

15. Learning to Snowboard? Where To Learn in _______.

16. Deathwish Skiers:  The 7 Most Insane Ski Runs in ________.

17. Beach Treasure Hunt: How Many Of These 15 Creatures Can You Find?

18. Biking Around ________. 3 Trails Not To Miss.

19. Where To Rent Bicycles In __________, & 1 Money Saving Tip.

20. Downward Dog! Where To Get Your Yoga On In _______.

21. Four Scenic Views in _____ You Will Slap Yourself If You Miss.

22. Discover Unbelievable Local History From The 3 Best Tour Guides In _________.

23. Golfers Paradise: The 4 Best Public Courses in _______.

24. 4 Must See Beaches Within One Hour of _________.

Seasonal Specific Ideas

25. Summer in _________. 6 Things You HAVE TO SEE.

26. Winter Wonderland: What To See & Do in _______.

27. Where To See The Fall Colors In _________.

Your Vacation Rental

28. Keyless Locks: How Our New Locks Make You Safer.

29. More Updates at the Cabin! Can You Believe What We Just Added?


30. The 4 Types Of People Who Should Never Visit ______.

Bonus – 5 Dog Friendly Parks In _______.

Bonus #2 – Girls Getaway Weekend: 3 FUN Female Activities In _______.




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  1. I love the idea of having a blog for your vacation rental. I wish I had had one when I owned one.

    I would also suggest lots of photos of the home, in the blog posts, like gorgeous veggies on the kitchen counter when writing out a favorite recipe.

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