A Music Video for my Vacation Rental?

Have you secretly always wanted to star in your own music video?  Well, it’s not too late and it could keep your vacation rental booked for months!

Use this amazing feel-good video as the inspiration for you and your vacation rental.

Why THIS video you ask?

  1. It appeals to almost everyone, perfect for all audiences (G rated) and puts a smile on your face.
  2. Following the same exact style allows you to walk through your VR. Most music video’s don’t offer this ideal set up.
  3. It’s super HOT right now. Other parodies of “Happy” are getting hundreds of thousands of views.
  4. That said, if you are going to do it, don’t wait 6 months. Jump on it while it’s new and popular before everyone is sick of it.

The Ultimate Vacation Rental Marketing Idea

This isn’t a boring “Book my VR” video where it’s a blatant advertisement. It’s a much softer sell, a fun and entertaining way to let people discover your place and area. Who wouldn’t want to stay in the place featured in the video?

This video is about 4 minutes long. I would spend 1 minute or less at your vacation rental, dancing through the rooms, excitedly pointing out the cool amenities. The other 3 minutes would be spent with scenes around town. The attractions, must-do activities, great restaurants and so on.  Get the local community involved. The more local businesses & people you get in the video, the more they will share and promote it too! Pharrell’s video above has over 100 scenes, so there’s plenty of time to get everything in.  Imagine the local pizza guy twirling his dough in the air as he does his little dance. What are the odds he’s going to post this video all over social media?

Anyone who promotes your area would love to share the video so you just need to share it to them and get the ball rolling. Get your local Chamber of Commerce involved. How about the local news stations? Or even better the news stations from the major cities that your VR serves?

Maybe this isn’t the right video or idea for you. I get that it would be a huge investment in time – but that’s what separates the big winners from the average. Keep you eyes open for bold marketing ideas that sell your VR and area in a much more unique way.

What’s the most outrageous vacation rental marketing idea you’ve ever pulled off?


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