Bali Luxury Vacation Rental Villa

I must admit, I’m pretty excited about my first guest and his vacation rental that is kicking off my “Owner Spotlight” videos.  Thibault Masson has been in the VR game for quite a while and has just completed his latest treasure:  Bulung Daya in Bali

As you can see in the video, Thibault lives a lifestyle most of us only dream about, as he gets to shift between his VR’s in Bali and St. Bart’s  which are both tropical paradises, yet on opposite sides and hemispheres of the world. Oh, and when he’s not in Bali or St. Bart’s you can usually find Thibault in Paris, his home town.

Owner:  Thibault Masson


Vacation Rental: Bulung Daya in Bali

Find Thibault’s Bali Travel News Twitter feed here

Video Highlights:

  • 2:40 – How he picked Bali for his vacation rental
  • 5:00 – Screen share “Show & Tell” starts
  • 11:20 – What’s helped Thibault be a successful owner?

*Resource Spotlight: The Best Hammocks I’ve Found

Seeing that Thibault’s great villa is perfect for a colorful hammock, I thought I would let you in on a great supplier of hand-woven hammocks. They are large, colorful and very affordable from Hammocks Rada available on Amazon.  I usually get the all nylon version that holds up better if you leave them out in the rain & weather like I do. Hammocks are one of those iconic “I’m on vacation” accessories that any guest can dream about relaxing the day away on, and it gives them just one more reason to book with you.

*I feature one helpful item from my Vacation Rental Resources page for each interview.

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