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Have you ever been to a place so charming and unique that you just had to buy a vacation rental in that same area?  Well, that’s exactly what happened to Becky McIntyre, the owner of a Bisbee, AZ vacation rental.  Bisbee is a small historic town located outside of Tucson Arizona at an elevation of 5000 feet keeping it much cooler than the hot Tucson desert.  As evidence of the history of her vacation cottage, it was owned by one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders!

Owner: Becky McIntyre

Becky McIntyre


Vacation Rental:  A Bisbee Vacation Rental


*Resource Spotlight: How to Respond Faster to Inquiries

Since Becky said a large part of her success was attributed to responding quickly, I thought I would share the blog post I wrote titled “5 Ways to Reply to Vacation Rental Inquiries Faster & Increase Bookings”  Using these techniques can help you gain an advantage and help you book a lot more dates.

*I feature one helpful item from my Vacation Rental Resources page or blog for each interview.

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