Let LED Bulbs Light the Way to Vacation Rental Savings

Want to make a simple change that can make your VR management life easer, less expensive, all while making your guests safer? What could it possibly be? LED Light Bulbs! Yes something as simple as LED light bulbs can make a big difference in your vacation rental. Why? Let’s count the ways! 1)  LED bulbs […]

Why You Should Meet Your Vacation Rental Competition

See the video below about my personal experience getting to know a fellow vacation rental owner. I filmed this video several months ago without expecting anything other than hoping to help another owner. As you can see we both sent each other leads which was great, but what I didn’t even know at the time […]

How To Rent Out Your Car Using The “AirBnB of Autos” & Increase Exposure For Your VR

If you are like most vacation rental owners, you have at least one other large asset right under your nose you could be renting out…and you probably don’t even realize it! What exactly am I talking about?  Renting out your CAR! RelayRides.com is basically AirBnB for cars.  It provides a safe platform that lets anyone share […]

Need Bookings? Register for The Vacation Rental World Summit

Are you a vacation rental owner or manager looking to improve your VR business in 2014 and beyond? There isn’t a better place to learn directly from those who have already done it with great success. Why reinvent the wheel, or waste time making all the rookie mistakes? Trust me, I learned the hard way […]

Checks Suck. Use Square Cash To Pay Vacation Rental Vendors

Want to be a HERO to your cleaning crew? Want to save a stamp every time you write a check? Want to make $1 just to try out this amazing service? Square Cash is the simplest, easiest, and most cost effective (it’s free) way to pay anyone.  It literally takes 5 seconds to send someone […]

Expert Interview: Beth Carson from Vacation Rental Travels Magazine

Beth has an interesting and varied background in the vacation rental industry.  An author of a vacation rental book, owner of a vacation home in Fiji, and the current editor of a new digital magazine called Vacation Rental Travels. It offers vacation rental info and beautiful photography for both the traveler and the owner. We cover […]

Vacation Rental Owner Spotlight Videos

We all know the power of video to create trust. After watching a short video of someone talking, we feel like we know know them, even without actually meeting them. Vacation rental owners/managers can now take advantage of this powerful psychological trigger to dramatically increase their bookings. Until now, probably less than 1% of owners […]

Are Dogs Chewing Into Your Vacation Rental Occupancy & Profits?

Should I allow pets (dogs or cats) at my vacation rental? There are 3 types of vacation rental owners out there when it comes to pets. Which one are you? First is the dog or cat lover with their own pet at home. This owner brings Fido or the Kitty up to the family vacation […]

A Music Video for my Vacation Rental?

Have you secretly always wanted to star in your own music video?  Well, it’s not too late and it could keep your vacation rental booked for months! Use this amazing feel-good video as the inspiration for you and your vacation rental. Why THIS video you ask? It appeals to almost everyone, perfect for all audiences […]

#VRHangout Episode 1 – Vacation Rental Owner Stories

Episode #1 “Vacation Rental Owner’s Stories” – Your Story, Your Place, Your Success, Your Struggles. We go around the room and let everyone introduce themselves, and have a chance to tell your VR story. How you got started, what you love about your place & area. What’s been your biggest success? What are you currently […]