The Social Network Every Vacation Rental Owner Should Join. P.S. – You’ve Never Heard Of It

Do you feel like the proverbial ostrich with your head in the sand when it comes to knowing what is really happening in your VR neighborhood? Knowing what the neighbors are talking about? Well, ostriches are not pretty, so let’s not be an ugly bird…or an ugly neighbor. As a Vacation Rental Owner, one of […]

7 Listing Site Secrets to Get Booked FAST. #2 is “sneaky good.”

I feel like I’ve been pregnant.                                           Swollen with ideas and feeling the pain of labor the last several weeks birthing my first official eBook. Wait… I’m a guy. I have NO IDEA what it’s […]

Free Help Setting Up Your VRBO Listing

    Hello my Vacation Rental friends! I’m offering a unique personal service to help new vacation rental owners and not-so-new owners who want to increase bookings. I want to help you get started on the right foot with Using the power of a video screen-share we will literally walk through the entire listing process […]

30 Great Blog Ideas For Your Vacation Rental

Ok, so you finally did the smart thing and started a blog on your Vacation Rental website. You even wrote your obligatory (but not needed or rarely read) “Welcome to our new blog” post. So now what? Are you stuck trying to come up with ideas to write about?  Here are 30 ideas to get […]

Do you have 50 Shades of Grey at your Vacation Rental?

No, I don’t mean the popular book, 50 Shades of Grey that probably describes what happens at our vacation homes. Oh! That’s a visual none of us want to think about… What I am talking about are eliminating as many of the pain points of owning a VR by making solid decisions. Eliminating the grey […]

6 Tech Tools Every Vacation Rental Owner Needs (3 Are Free)

Technology is like a Marvel Comics superpower. If used for good it can greatly improve your guest experience and yours as an owner. Below are 6 winning pieces of technology you can employ to jumpstart your world domination and go from zero to customer service Hero.  1. Harmony Remote Technology is great, but too much […]

Manage Your Vacation Rental Passwords Easily & Securely with this Free Tool

  If you are anything like me, you HATE passwords. And I’m a lover, not a hater! Passwords are a necessary evil on the Internet. However, there is a service that sucker punches the annoying part of passwords right in the face, yet safely protects the important security that passwords provide. LastPass is a completely […]

How to Prevent Anti-Vacation Rental Laws and Ordinances

One of the biggest threats to your Vacation Rental business is the fact that neighbors and local governments are only one complaint away from trying to legally shut down the VR’s in your area. But there are things you can do to help make sure this never happens to you. It’s much easier and much […]

How I Got My VR to Show Up 9 Times on the First Page of Google

  You read that correctly.  9 times. On. Page. One. Many VR owner’s dream of getting one vacation rental listing on page 1. How about 9 times? Well, it’s part of my “Haystack Strategy.” Do you want to be the Needle or the Hay? Your VR is like a Needle in the vast Hay of the internet if […]

Why it’s Smart to Overpay for Vacation Rental Marketing

  I know what you are thinking.. “Did he just say OVERPAY for marketing my VR?” Is he a crazy fool? Why on earth would I do that? Most people will tell you to spend the absolute least amount you can on marketing your VR. I’m about to turn that school of thought upside down. […]