Vacation Rental Rants – Listing Site Reality Check

I’m going to apologize now.  Most VR owners will NOT like hearing this. But it’s the truth. I only say this because I love you. I want you to succeed. Sometimes someone has to step in and and talk 100% reality. Stop wasting time and start adapting.  Let me know what you think in the […]

How To Get Wealthy Tesla Owners Flocking to Your Vacation Rental

As an owner of a vacation rental, you are probably wishing you could snap your fingers and suddenly tap into a lucrative new market of very desirable clients. For those unaware of the Tesla, it’s the hottest car company in the world right now. It’s cars are made in the USA and are a purely […]

How To Rent Out Your Car Using The “AirBnB of Autos” & Increase Exposure For Your VR

If you are like most vacation rental owners, you have at least one other large asset right under your nose you could be renting out…and you probably don’t even realize it! What exactly am I talking about?  Renting out your CAR! is basically AirBnB for cars.  It provides a safe platform that lets anyone share […]

Need Bookings? Register for The Vacation Rental World Summit

Are you a vacation rental owner or manager looking to improve your VR business in 2014 and beyond? There isn’t a better place to learn directly from those who have already done it with great success. Why reinvent the wheel, or waste time making all the rookie mistakes? Trust me, I learned the hard way […]

Expert Interview: Increasing Conversion Rates with Rex Brown

Are your conversion rates of inquiries to bookings low or getting worse? Have you taken the time to examine what you do and how you might be able to improve it?  My interview guest, Rex Brown from Vacation Rental Mastery shares some powerful insights on how to accomplish this goal.  Rex is a fellow speaker […]

Vacation Rental Interior Design Secrets with Mercedes Brennan

Is your vacation rental so desirable that guests want to go right past renting your VR to actually purchasing your home? Even if you don’t want to sell, can you imagine the increase in bookings with the interior done right? Yes, Mercedes knows interior design. Her own VR was such a hit that after just 4 months […]

Vacation Rental Amenities with Alanna Schroeder from The Distinguished Guest

Have you ever wanted to provide Hotel quality amenities for your vacation rental guests?   You know, the ones that delight your guests, give them the feeling of luxury, yet are very easy for you and your staff to manage and are cost effective to boot? Today’s guest takes care of all those concerns since […]

Vacation Rental Owner Spotlight Videos

We all know the power of video to create trust. After watching a short video of someone talking, we feel like we know know them, even without actually meeting them. Vacation rental owners/managers can now take advantage of this powerful psychological trigger to dramatically increase their bookings. Until now, probably less than 1% of owners […]

Are Dogs Chewing Into Your Vacation Rental Occupancy & Profits?

Should I allow pets (dogs or cats) at my vacation rental? There are 3 types of vacation rental owners out there when it comes to pets. Which one are you? First is the dog or cat lover with their own pet at home. This owner brings Fido or the Kitty up to the family vacation […]

#VRHangout Episode 2 – Vacation Rental Website Critiques

Episode #2 “Vacation Rental Website/Listing Site Critiques” We had 6 vacation rental websites to go through and got some great tips from everyone on the panel. It’s amazing the things you, as the owner, don’t even realize about your own listing. That’s why it’s so important to hear what others think. It really opens your […]