Vacation Rental Rants – Listing Site Reality Check

I’m going to apologize now.  Most VR owners will NOT like hearing this. But it’s the truth. I only say this because I love you. I want you to succeed. Sometimes someone has to step in and and talk 100% reality. Stop wasting time and start adapting.  Let me know what you think in the […]

Need Bookings? Register for The Vacation Rental World Summit

Are you a vacation rental owner or manager looking to improve your VR business in 2014 and beyond? There isn’t a better place to learn directly from those who have already done it with great success. Why reinvent the wheel, or waste time making all the rookie mistakes? Trust me, I learned the hard way […]

Checks Suck. Use Square Cash To Pay Vacation Rental Vendors

Want to be a HERO to your cleaning crew? Want to save a stamp every time you write a check? Want to make $1 just to try out this amazing service? Square Cash is the simplest, easiest, and most cost effective (it’s free) way to pay anyone.  It literally takes 5 seconds to send someone […]

Vacation Rental Amenities with Alanna Schroeder from The Distinguished Guest

Have you ever wanted to provide Hotel quality amenities for your vacation rental guests?   You know, the ones that delight your guests, give them the feeling of luxury, yet are very easy for you and your staff to manage and are cost effective to boot? Today’s guest takes care of all those concerns since […]

Vacation Rental Owner Spotlight Videos

We all know the power of video to create trust. After watching a short video of someone talking, we feel like we know know them, even without actually meeting them. Vacation rental owners/managers can now take advantage of this powerful psychological trigger to dramatically increase their bookings. Until now, probably less than 1% of owners […]

#VRHangout Episode #3 – Vacation Rental Contracts. Online vs. Paper and More

Episode #3 – Vacation Rental Contracts / Agreements. In this weeks episode, Holly, who has a Vacation Rental in Breckenridge  joins me to dish on all things contractual.  And you KNOW there is nothing more exciting than vacation rental contracts! Show notes with video starting times: 18:50   News of the Week – We discuss […]

The Social Network Every Vacation Rental Owner Should Join. P.S. – You’ve Never Heard Of It

Do you feel like the proverbial ostrich with your head in the sand when it comes to knowing what is really happening in your VR neighborhood? Knowing what the neighbors are talking about? Well, ostriches are not pretty, so let’s not be an ugly bird…or an ugly neighbor. As a Vacation Rental Owner, one of […]

Top 3 Online Contract Options for Vacation Rental Owners

  Ladies and gents, gather the kids & pack the car.  I’m about to take you into the future. Actually, the future (online contracts, online payments, book it now, etc.) is already reality for most of us. Now we are just waiting for everyone else to catch up and join the party. It’s time to […]

Vacation Rental Security Deposit Best Practices with John Amato from Bookerville

Admit it my fellow VR owners… The only reason you got in this business was for the excitement of dealing with security deposits, right? I know, I know, vacation rentals are a great business, but there are several hassles that we must deal with everyday. Rather than bore you with my own security deposit process, I […]

5 Ways to Reply to Vacation Rental Inquiries Faster & Increase Bookings

Just like these ATT commercials, Faster is Better – especially for Responding to Vacation Rental Inquiries! As any vacation rental owner or property manager will tell you, responding quickly to inquires is one of the easiest ways to increase your conversion rate. The difference between responding in 20 minutes versus 20 hours is astounding. No […]