Checks Suck. Use Square Cash To Pay Vacation Rental Vendors

Want to be a HERO to your cleaning crew?

Want to save a stamp every time you write a check?

Want to make $1 just to try out this amazing service?

Square Cash is the simplest, easiest, and most cost effective (it’s free) way to pay anyone.  It literally takes 5 seconds to send someone cash through their email.  I’ve been using it several months with no issues what so ever.  When my cleaners text me with the report about completing their work, I immediately reply with a text and then I send them their cash…all in 5 seconds!  They really love it. I really love it.  I’ve never been so excited to pay someone, but with this app it’s so amazingly easy you almost want to find people you can pay!

Use this link to try Square Cash and get $1 just for trying it.


I also use Square Cash to pay my guests deposit back when the 60 day refund period for PayPal has expired.  Oh, and not only is it free, but when someone uses Square the first time, you get $1.

Yes, instead of paying fees, you are receiving a bonus.  Take yourself out to a nice steak dinner, you deserve it!

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