Expert Interview: Beth Carson from Vacation Rental Travels Magazine

Beth has an interesting and varied background in the vacation rental industry.  An author of a vacation rental book, owner of a vacation home in Fiji, and the current editor of a new digital magazine called Vacation Rental Travels. It offers vacation rental info and beautiful photography for both the traveler and the owner. We cover a bevy of topics in this 25 minute interview.

What we cover in the video:

  • Why she started Vacation Rental Travels [9:20 of video]
  • Beth Carson

  • Where the vacation rental industry is going and why the listing sites are not going anywhere [14:23]
  • Why an email list could be worth $200,000 [15:35]
  • When NOT to turn a property into a vacation rental [19:05]


More on Beth Carson:

Vacation Rental Travels – sign up for her digital magazine

Starfish Blue – Her VR in Fiji

Beth’s book:  Money Making Vacation Rentals on Amazon


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