Expert Interview: Vacation Rental Photography with Tyann Marcink


Almost every VR owner starts the same way. I know I did…

As soon as your vacation rental is ready to list on VRBO or FlipKey, you grab the nearest camera or camera phone and quickly take a bunch of photos. Some are better than others, so you think “Oh these will do the trick.”

Well, the sooner you realize the trick was on you, the better. While you “think” your photos are good enough, the vacation home down the street just got professional photos. The other one across the way was photographed by an owner who took the time to learn some basics of quality photography. Both of these rentals have a huge advantage over yours, and will book faster & for more money. The ROI on great photos is very substantial, and the sooner you fix your photos, the sooner you can profit from them.

Watch the video below where Tyann Marcink, the author of the eBook Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos, gives us the low down on several smart tips from her eBook.

What we cover in this Video:

  • How Tyann got her start in vacation rental photography [2:28 of video]
  • Professional vs. Do It Yourself, what are the advantages of DYI? [4:11]
  • Why you NEVER want to get Tyann angry :)  [5:35]
  • The Lesson: Using Zoom with a 50mm to make landscape views look amazingly real. [6:30]
  • What NOT to do – Examples of some bad photos…oh fun!  [9:00]
  • Staging & decorating [12:05]

More on Tyann Marcink

Create Killer Vacation Rental Property Photos – Get your copy here!Tyann Marcink
Marcink Designs – Tyann’s main website
Tyann’s Branson Vacation Home
See her recent post on about selecting great thumbnail photos

Vacation Rental Photography Contest

Enter to win one of 3 FREE copies of her photography eBook! Contest ends December 20th, 2013.

  • Get One entry by subscribing below.
  • Get a Bonus entry by commenting on the blog with any photo related tips, ideas, questions or comments.

Need one more reason it pays to have amazing photos?

Needless to say you won’t be featured in the press, or picked up and featured on HomeAway’s Facebook page below with a lousy amateurish photo. Luckily, this smart owner realized the power of a great photo! Check out how many shares, likes & comments this photo received because the photo was so captivating.


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*I Spotlight one service or tip from my Vacation Rental Resources page with each Interview.


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  1. The interview was great fun, Steve. Thank you! I am looking forward to more of your posts and interviews of industry experts.

  2. Great interview & tips! Can’t wait till my next trip up to my cabin to update some of my own photos! Getting a new camera for Christmas too! :)

  3. Glenn Belton says:

    Nice tips

  4. Great tips and thank you for featuring our home. I am positive, Tyann’s article is how we ended up on HA! Thanks!!!!!
    Love reading you guys!

  5. Tyann took all the pictures that are on my listings and my web site. It was well worth what I paid for them. I get comments from inquirers all the time about how nice the homes look from the pics. I have seen an increase in bookings and the pictures have more than paid for themselves. Oh yeah, one those “bad pictures” was one of mine.

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