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Hello my Vacation Rental friends!

I’m offering a unique personal service to help new vacation rental owners and not-so-new owners who want to increase bookings. I want to help you get started on the right foot with Using the power of a video screen-share we will literally walk through the entire listing process step by step. Ask any questions you like! By the end of the hour you will have a powerful listing ready to bring in profitable rentals.

But Steve, I can sign up myself. Why do I need your help?

Great question!  And, yes, you certainly can do it yourself.

However why not take advantage of someone with experience and a marketing/SEO background to help you along the way? There are several strategic decisions you will have to make that can greatly affect your results. Several of the areas we will cover, while always considering YOUR goals:

  • Your local competition on that listing site. This can effect which subscription level is best for you. Picking the wrong one can cost you by either paying for more than you need, or not paying enough to get any bookings.
  • Pricing your Vacation Rental. We can come up with an effective strategy to maximize your income goals.
  • Photography – get a second opinion on your photos & which one to use for your thumbnail.
  • Ad copy – This is very important. Having a good headline and properly detailed descriptions can make or break your ad.
  • Search results. I show you how to show up higher in the listings so you get more clicks, inquiries and bookings.
  • Other tips & secrets to increase you bookings and revenue.

So what’s the catch? How can you offer this FREE CONSULTING?

There is no catch. I genuinely want to help and get to know as many Vacation Rental by Owners as possible, but there is one requirement:

  • The only requirement for the Free Hour of Consulting is that you are adding a NEW listing on VRBO (even a second listing if you already have one is fine).  To sign up you will use my affiliate link, which does pay me a small commission which helps cover my time, but is no extra charge for you. In fact, I can get you a coupon code for 1 FREE Month.

P.S. – This offer will not last forever. Since VR Owner’s Guide just launched, not a lot of people know about it yet. So jump on this offer now while it’s still available!

P.S.S. – Even if you just want to go over an existing listing, let me know! I’m happy to help if time permits, just can’t promise a full hour of time :)

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