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Vacation Rental Consultation & Services

In addition to the many free resources I provide, I also am available for one-on-one consultation. I don’t take on every client as I only want to work with people I know I can help and provide value for. Please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Get the help you need to start maximizing your ROI on your investment. While being a VR owner isn’t rocket science, there IS  a learning curve that can cost you ten’s of thousands of dollars a year if you try and do it all on your own. I know, I made the same mistake myself and it cost me almost $100,000 in lost rental income over 6 years.

Some of these services will be done over a computer with screen share so we can work together on the project to ensure you like the results and we are always on the same page. In some cases, I will be teaching you how to do specific tasks so you can do them on your own after the consult to save you money. In other cases I will just do the work for you so you can enjoy life!

Coming Soon:  my “VR Boot Camp” video training course.  It will also feature a VIP (10 person max) 4 week group follow up with Q & A sessions to ensure success. This course will  walk you step by step through marketing & managing your VR to it’s maximum potential.  Interested in finding out more details?  Sign up for my VIP email list to find out when this is released.

Consulting Services:

Vacation Rental Audit

This is a top to bottom look at your VR operation, from advertising, booking process, technology utilization (both hardware & software). It provides an overall inspection of your business with a set of seasoned marketing eyes and will expose any missed opportunities. Audit will include my recommendations for the quickest and most impactful improvements that can increase bookings & revenue, automate & streamline processes and save you time and unneeded hassles.

Investment:  $150 for 2 hours and $75 per extra hour for larger businesses – you set the upper limit.  (2 hours is usually enough for 1 rental, extra hours for multi-unit operations)


Vacation Rental Marketing Services

Website & Blog Creation:

Includes WordPress website, hosting set up, booking calendar, pictures and content that have been SEO’ed to drive traffic. This also includes a blog and free email marketing account.

Investment: $1500 for a single VR site. Larger sites with multiple VR’s are more.

Local SEO for your Website:

Drive huge amounts of traffic (guests) to your website with Local SEO.  My own website brings me more bookings than Platinum Level on VRBO & HomeAway, FlipKey or any other listing site.  Keep in mind this is FREE traffic once you get it!  A website without traffic is WORTHLESS and a waste of money. A website with lots of traffic will book your VR to the gills!

Investment: $500

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your VR photos:

Get your images to show up in Google Image search as well as improve the overall SEO of any webpage your images appear on. Most photos have zero SEO value so adding the proper data to the backend of photos can have a large impact on search results.

Investment: $5 a picture, minimum of 10.

Google Adwords Account Creation:

Set up of a Google Account that allows your pay per click ad to be on page 1 of Google. You set the monthly budget that Google charges ($10 to $100 a month)

Investment:  $150. Includes initial set up and training. This typically is more cost effective in smaller markets so I can help you decide if it’s right for you or not (free consult on pros and cons of this strategy).

YouTube Video Creation:

I will create a YouTube video highlighting your VR using your best photos and adding motion for a professional video without the lousy “walk around the rental with a shaky camera” look.  Includes up to 40 photos, captioned, with music and SEO of your title, description, and tags to increase views of your video. Since YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google, you want to have a presence there too.

Investment: $250

Vacation Rental Listing Site Consult and Build Out:

I will use my tested methodology to determine which sites will be most advantageous (and which to skip), recommend and implement the ones we want (with your input). I will work with you to perfect the listing to maximize inquiries including picture selection/critique, ad copy and listing details.  The end result of this consult can double or triple the number of inquiries in some cases.

Investment: $150 + the cost of any listing sites we deem worthy – some are free. I also have access to coupon codes to get discounts on some listing sites.

Social Media Strategy, Set Up, and Implementation:

This will be a consultation with you to determine a Social Media strategy that YOU are comfortable with, is realistic, and you can see yourself actively participating in after the set up. I will cover the pro’s and con’s of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + and help you determine where to invest your time – and where NOT to, which is equally important!

Investment: $100 + $100 for each account you want specific help with setting up and getting started in the right direction.