Expert Interview: Increasing Conversion Rates with Rex Brown

Are your conversion rates of inquiries to bookings low or getting worse?

Have you taken the time to examine what you do and how you might be able to improve it?  My interview guest, Rex Brown from Vacation Rental Mastery shares some powerful insights on how to accomplish this goal.  Rex is a fellow speaker at the Vacation Rental World Summit (sign up here for free) in June 2014. Rex Brown

What we cover in this video:

  • How Rex booked up his brand new VR in just 3 months [11:30 of vide0]
  • Rex’s method of replying quickly to inquiries [27:00]
  • How Rex uses DOGS to create a bond with his guests [40:00]

More on Rex Brown:

Holiday Rental Mastery – Rex’s blog where you can get his latest ideas on improving your bookings.

Check out one of Rex’s holiday rentals: Treetops Wye River

*Resource Spotlight:

Responding to Inquires FASTER Since Rex and I talked about strategies to respond faster increase conversion rates, here is the blog post I wrote about “5 Ways to Reply to Vacation Rental Inquires Faster.”

*I feature one helpful item from my Vacation Rental Resources page or blog for each interview.

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