Legacy Disney Condo in Orlando Florida

In this edition of the Owner Spotlight, I have my second guest with a vacation rental in Orlando Florida. This time, it’s Jorge Martelanz who happens to be from and living in more places than most rock bands have been.

Watch Jorge explain why Orland is the best place to be a kid…at any age!  Jorge also explains where two of his favorite restaurants in Orlando are, and they are not the tourist trap specials.

Owner: Jorge Martelanz








Vacation Rental: Legacy Disney Condo

*Resource Spotlight: VRBO.com

While Jorge has a great website (see above) he also still relies on VRBO for a big chunk of his bookings. Since VRBO is one of the oldest and most well known vacation rental websites it is pretty much a can’t miss option at least in the U.S.A. Use the coupon code “1MonthFree” when you list your property here.

*I feature one helpful item from my Vacation Rental Resources page or blog for each interview.

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