Let LED Bulbs Light the Way to Vacation Rental Savings

Want to make a simple change that can make your VR management life easer, less expensive, all while making your guests safer?

What could it possibly be?

LED Light Bulbs!

Yes something as simple as LED light bulbs can make a big difference in your vacation rental. Why? Let’s count the ways!

1)  LED bulbs can last 20X longer than incandescent bulbs and 3X longer than CFL bulbs.

2) Have you ever had to make a special trip (or paid your PM extra for the trip) for a burnt out bulb? At $25 or more for a trip, that’s one expensive light bulb!  Or have you ever gotten a review where they mentioned burned out lights? It’s a sign you aren’t keeping the place up even if the light burned out during their stay.

3) CFL bulbs (the twisty ones)  are TOXIC if they break. They have mercury in each bulb. Why potentially expose anyone including yourself, your kids, pets or guests to this toxin?  LED bulbs on the other hand are completely safe and many don’t even break as they are plastic instead of glass!

LED bulbs create the least amount of heat.  Why buy ineffeicent old bulbs that not only cost more to operate, but then you also pay more in Air Conditioning costs to overcome all the heat the bulbs put off?  Talk about getting hit from both sides!

But Steve, LED bulbs are so expensive!!  Yes, it’s true, LED bulbs cost more upfront. But they are coming down in price rather quickly and are becoming available for more and more unique applications and sizes.

See the graphic below from http://www.gagreenenergysvc.com/light-retrofitting/

LED Bulbs for Vacation RentalsPlease note, you can now get LED bulbs for less than $5 each… so the math is now 3X better than the graphic above.

    This 6 pack is just $3.40 a bulb on Amazon…

A couple of strategies to transition to LED bulbs:

  1. Just go in and swap every bulb to LED NOW and toss the old bulbs.  This will cost the most upfront, but you will see the savings over time, with the added benefit of not having to think about bulbs again for years.
  2. Replace bulbs that burn out one by one. This will save you money upfront and will allow you to purchase LED bulbs for less in the future when the cost goes down. The downside is still paying more for electricity and more frequent bulbs dying out.
  3. Replace all bulbs now…but save the old ones. Use the old ones for winter only. Why?  Well if you can’t bring yourself to throw out a working bulb no matter how ineffecient, then use the LED bulbs in the summer, and the old ones in the winter. At least this way, the hotter incandecent bulbs will help heat your place while you are using them up.

Who would rather use 1 LED than have to constantly replace old costly bulbs??  It’s a no-brainer my friends!


Thanks to http://Panasonic.co.nz for the graphic

What I would do:

Replace and throw away all incandescent bulbs with LED’s. For any CFL’s, keep those until they burn out, then replace with LED as you go. While LED’s are better than CFL’s, it’s not worth trashing a working CFL bulb.

A bonus money saving lighting strategy for vacation rentals:

Install Motion Detecting LED Lights – Not only will these save you lot’s of electricity, it also can make it easier for your guests. For example, at my cabin, I have an automatic light that pops on when someone approaches the front porch. Without this, either the light would be on permanently, or the guest would be walking up in the dark. Neither are good solutions!  It’s nice knowing you don’t have to flick a switch, it just comes on, but only when you need it.

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