Manage Your Vacation Rental Passwords Easily & Securely with this Free Tool


If you are anything like me, you HATE passwords. And I’m a lover, not a hater!

Passwords are a necessary evil on the Internet. However, there is a service that sucker punches the annoying part of passwords right in the face, yet safely protects the important security that passwords provide.

LastPass is a completely free service that makes logging into your favorite Vacation Rental websites, your bank, Gmail, and every other website on the net a breeze. With LastPass, you only remember one master password, and that gives you access to unlimited websites. Every time you register for a new site, it automatically saves the site login URL, the username and password for you!  Now with one click, you can log in to any site.  If you change your password, it automatically asks if you want to update your password.  As you can see, the word automatically is used a lot when talking about LastPass and that’s why it’s so brilliant!

Do you use a password manager or do you type in your password every single time?

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