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Vacation Rental World Summit 2014Are you a vacation rental owner or manager looking to improve your VR business in 2014 and beyond?

There isn’t a better place to learn directly from those who have already done it with great success. Why reinvent the wheel, or waste time making all the rookie mistakes? Trust me, I learned the hard way myself. Had I been able to attend an event like this when I started in 2007, I would have surely made an additional $100,000 on my one small cabin, simply be cutting my learning curve down to size.

What will you learn?

Day 1 of the Vacation Rental World Summit

  • How To Turn 70% to 80% of Prospects Into Paying Guests With A Unique Email – Antonio Bortolotti (Italy)
  • Irresistible Property – A Stunning Look With Minimal Effort & Lots Of Fun – Sandra Hamilton (Sweden)
  • How To Dominate The First Page Of Google – Yours Truly, Steve Sasman (USA)
  • 6 Steps To Fabulous Property Photos – Tyann Marcink (USA)

Day 2 of #VRWorldSummit

  • The Vacation Rental Experience – 7 Ways To Create Raving Fans – Heather Bayer (Canada)
  • Getting to 80% Occupancy In Three Months – Rex Brown (Australia)
  • Buying For Profit Anywhere In The World – Do’s & Don’ts Of The Perfect Home – Erica Muller (USA)
  • Social Media Marketing That Truly Works – Alan Egan (On His Yacht)

Day 3 of #VRWorldSummit

  • Empty Weeks Outside Peak? – Wendy Shand (United Kingdom)
  • Why Email Marketing Should Be A Priority For Your VR Business – Curt Tudor (USA)
  • Secrets To A Vacation Rental Website – Chad Brubaker & Paul Andruskiewicz (USA)

Vacation Rental World Summit 2014

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