Paris and Nice Vacation Rentals

What happens when you grew up in the UK, now live in Texas, but love traveling to France ?  Well, you buy a vacation rental in Paris of course!

That’s exactly what Ralph & Karen Moorhouse did. They started with an apartment in Paris, then liked it so much they added a second one in Nice. Find out what Ralph’s insider tips are for really enjoying either location.

Owner: Ralph Moorhouse


Vacation Rental: Paris-Nice Vacations

*Resource Spotlight: WebChalet

If you go to Ralph’s website, you can see his site that is powered by WebChalet.  This company allows you to use a complete reservation system built into the back end of your website that includes marketing tools, online payments, web design and more. If you are struggling with a website and want a more streamlined approach, give WebChalet a try.


*I feature one helpful item from my Vacation Rental Resources page or blog for each interview.

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