Vacation Rental Owner’s Guide – The 7 Listing Site Secrets eBook

Vacation Rental Listing Sites…

Some VR owners love them. Others complain about them.

But one thing can’t be denied: THEY WORK!

They work because millions of guests actively looking for a Vacation Rental are already there. Why not plug yourself into this Lead Generation Machine?  Most experienced owners already list on multiple sites. However, there is an UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT of money VR owners are leaving on the table – by doing a few critical things wrong. This eBook exposes some simple tweaks, and inexpensive solutions to double & even triple your current level of inquiries. I also bust a couple of “Expert” myths that will save you lots of time, money & frustration.  Don’t believe me?    (READ THE TESTIMONIALS BELOW)1!

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This eBook is for you if:

1) You are sick of your competition getting all the bookings 2) You wonder why you only get a couple inquiries a day 3) You finally did the “math” and realized that by booking an extra  5 or 10 days a month could mean putting an extra $1,000 to $4,000+ a month in your pocket.

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7 Listing Site Secrets to Get Booked FAST!


Why should YOU read the eBook? Here’s what other readers have said:

“This was a great read. It was short, engaging, informative and very easy to understand. I recommend it for both new and experience owners. Steve uses his experiences to help us not only learn the “tricks to the trade” but also to give us a practical and easy action plan. Looking forward to the next one!”  –   Cheryl  –   VRBO listing 474240

“So much valuable info! Glad I signed up!” –  Tyann – 

“Do it right from the start!” –  Becky – VBRO listing

“I actually thought it was very good. It provided new dimensions that I had not thought of.” –  Melanie –

“From the newbie to the advanced, you will find a marketing tool, that you have either never used before, or you have incorporated, but not as creatively as Steve recommends. This is an ebook, that serves as a reminder to never let your listing go stale, no matter how experienced you are.” – Debi  –

“Beware – Risk of Being an Idiot if you don’t read this and take action NOW!”  –  C.J.  – 

Steve hit this eBook out of the park! It’s great to know that there are other VR Owners out there ready to help each other grow our business and share secrets to success! Can’t wait to implement some of your suggestions. Thanks Steve… I look forward to your next eBook and following your VR Blog! –   Kim   –

So why not get your copy now?  It’s just $29.97 and could be the best investment you make in your VR business.

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Vacation Rental World Summit 2014


Here’s to your success!  – Steve Sasman