Security Camera Demo: Why (Almost) Every VR Owner Should Have One


Remember when you got your first smartphone?  You probably thought “Geez, why didn’t I get one of these years ago?”

Well my friends, you will have the same exact feeling when you finally break down and get a security camera for your vacation home rental. Trust me, it happened to this guy. I’m so mad I waited 6 years to get one! It costs the same whether you buy it now or in two years. However, I will tell you that my $3oo investment has already paid for itself in a bit over 6 months! I’ve caught two renters breaking my rules. One group thought it would be a good idea to sneak in 14 people into my 8 person Cabin.  The other decided to bring a dog to my no-dogs rental. Well, say good-bye to your $300 deposit! I’m generally a pretty relaxed owner, as I let a lot of minor things go, but don’t blatantly lie to my face or ignore my most important rules.

Easy Set Up!

Here is a link to my Logitech Security Camera that I show in the Video (or click on the image).
Security Camera for Vacation Rentals

It took about 45 minutes to set up by myself, including drilling a hole in my wall, which you might be able to avoid. Basically you just plug it into the wall electrical outlet and string the wire to where you want the camera. Somehow the electrical system connects to your Internet router and that’s how it’s broadcast to your computer. Don’t ask me how it works, it just does!

Benefits of a Security Camera for Vacation Home Owners:

  • Check the weather conditions.
  • Monitor how many guests show up and what time they arrive.
  • Pets??
  • Video proof if any legal issues arise.
  • Check if garbage cans are put out / put back.
  • Monitor from smartphone or laptop.
  • If guests leave early, cleaners get extra time.
  • Prevent bad behavior by putting the camera in your contract – scare away the bad ones
  • Monitor any service people coming and going.
  • Check to see if driveway needs to be snow-plowed.
  • And lastly if any real criminal burglaries happen you are covered there too.

Two Final Tips:

1) Be sure and include the camera in your contract – even if you don’t have a camera yet!  I would rather scare away a bad renter than have to actually catch them in the act.

2) Captain obvious here, but only put the Security Camera on the outside of the house unless you would like to visit your local jailhouse for being a peeper creeper.


So my fellow owners, what’s the craziest thing you have “Caught on Camera?”  Please tell us your stories below.


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  1. This was AWESOME! My husband & I have been talking about setting up camera for not only our rental property, but also our home. Watching this video, you just sold me on having BOTH installed! Thanks for sharing such helpful information. It’s good to see that we owners, who don’t live local to our properties, have a little extra leverage to make sure our investment is safe and that OUR RENTAL RULES are being followed!

  2. Thanks for sharing Steve! Great info and I plan to take your suggestions.

  3. Steve,

    You are brilliant!!!! Thanks for sharing. I have a Schlage system by Nexia. You would not believe the stuff I see, and I too, make sure everyone knows I have one.

  4. How do you advise your guests that you have a security camera? Is it on your website? Do you have it noted in your rental agreement?

    Is this also the kid of camera system that will allow you to control lights and heat? Just wondering if there are owners who use those functions as well.

    Thanks for the info Steve!

    • Thanks for stopping by Debi! This particular camera is separate from the lighting and heat. I do use automatic motion detection lighting outside so guests are not “left in the dark.” I put the Security Camera in my rental agreement and highly recommend doing so, both to alert them to it and scare away those that were planning on breaking rules.

  5. How would you word this in your rental agreement. Would it be something along this line. “Please be aware that we have security camera’s on the outside of our property which are located at each entrance & exit doors and monitors the external area only of the property”.

    • Yes Angela that sounds great! I think you’ve covered all the bases. Mine says “Security Camera: There is an outdoor security camera over the driveway for your safety and to assure there are no more than 8 guests or 5 cars.

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