Vacation Rental Amenities with Alanna Schroeder from The Distinguished Guest

Have you ever wanted to provide Hotel quality amenities for your vacation rental guests?   You know, the ones that delight your guests, give them the feeling of luxury, yet are very easy for you and your staff to manage and are cost effective to boot? Today’s guest takes care of all those concerns since she is one of us, a VR owner herself.

Alanna also shows us a fascinating transformation that she did on her own rental in Hawaii. You will be amazed at the before and after photos and how that greatly impacted her booking percentage and price per night revenues.

What we cover in the video:

  • Alanna Schroeder Show & Tell: The Distinguished Guest products [ 0:40 seconds of video]
  • The one amenity all parents MUST have :)  [3:15]
  • Before & After Transformation Conversation [12:30]
  • Before & After Photos [15:50]


More on Alanna Schroeder:

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See her blog post on simplicity that shows the transformational photos we talked about.

*Resource Spotlight: Spa-like Sound Therapy Alarm Clock

In addition adding luxury comforts like Alanna offers, why not think about the other senses like smell & sound to complete a spa like experience?  I just found a great product that is not only functional (alarm clock, AM/FM Radio, battery back-up) but also offers Sound Therapy!  Guests really appreciate relaxation, especially on vacation.  With sounds like Tropical Rainforest, Ocean Waves, Rainfall, White Noise and more, you can enhance the experience for your guests – and also help cover up any sounds like barking dogs, construction, etc. that could lead to a bad review. The Sound Therapy Clock is available for just $25!

*I Spotlight one service or tip from my Vacation Rental Resources page with each Interview.

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