Vacation Rental Interior Design Secrets with Mercedes Brennan

Is your vacation rental so desirable that guests want to go right past renting your VR to actually purchasing your home?

Even if you don’t want to sell, can you imagine the increase in bookings with the interior done right?

Yes, Mercedes knows interior design. Her own VR was such a hit that after just 4 months of renting it out, a guest made her an offer to buy she couldn’t refuse.  I can’t think of a better endorsement of the power of beautiful design.

What we cover in the video:

  • Her presentation on color and how it can transform your VR [4:00 minute mark of video]Mercedes
  • How to bring in the secret of wildflowers into your home [11:30]
  • What to say NO to in terms of color [13:15]
  • The Field of Wildflowers Technique [13:55]

More on Mercedes Brennan:

1 Chic Retreat – Her blog on Vacation Rental Interior Design

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*Resource Spotlight:  Create Killer Vacation Rental Photos

If you take the time to create a beautiful vacation rental home like Mercedes teaches, don’t waste the effort by using lousy VR photos. Either hire a professional real estate photographer who specializes in vacation rentals or order Create Killer Vacation Rental Photos from Tyann Marcink. She is both a VR owner as well as professional photographer. This means she knows her stuff and her guide speaks to exactly what we as owners need to be able to take our own photos and make them look great!

*I feature one helpful item from my Vacation Rental Resources page or blog for each interview.

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