Vacation Rental Security Deposit Best Practices with John Amato from Bookerville

Admit it my fellow VR owners…

The only reason you got in this business was for the excitement of dealing with security deposits, right?

I know, I know, vacation rentals are a great business, but there are several hassles that we must deal with everyday.

Rather than bore you with my own security deposit process, I brought in an expert, John Amato, who deals with LOTS of Vacation Rental Owners. John is the co-founder of Bookerville VR Booking Software so he sees all the issues from every angle possible.

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What we cover in this Video:

  • The pros & cons of security deposits.
  • The psychological benefit of a deposit.
  • John’s best practices and things all owners should consider.
  • Why you need to check your local laws pertaining to deposits.
  • Deposit alternatives like damage insurance.
  • What Bookerville can do to help manage your deposit strategy.
  • Plus more…

More on John Amato from Bookerville Vacation Rental SoftwareJohn Amato from Bookerville

Bookerville Website  – Special affiliate link and 30 day FREE Trial.

Bookerville is vacation rental booking software that enables owners & property managers to streamline & simplify
many of the tedious yet important tasks of running a successful VR business. Bookerville works with both single
property owners up to property managers with hundreds of properties.


*Resource Spotlight: Flipkey’s take on Security Deposits

One of my top tips for any vacation home owner to increase bookings is a Free Listing from Flipkey.

Owners that are NOT using Flipkey are missing a huge risk-free source of bookings. Speaking of security deposits, since Flipkey handles the money, you don’t have to manage the deposit! If the guest is due the entire refund, do nothing and it get’s refunded to the guest automatically. In the rare event you need to keep a partial or full deposit, just alert Flipkey within 7 days, and then Flipkey sends you that amount, and the guest the balance. Try Flipkey for Free here.

Easy. Who doesn’t like easy?

*I Spotlight one service or tip from my Vacation Rental Resources page with each Interview.

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