#VRHangout Episode 1 – Vacation Rental Owner Stories

Episode #1 “Vacation Rental Owner’s Stories” – Your Story, Your Place, Your Success, Your Struggles.

We go around the room and let everyone introduce themselves, and have a chance to tell your VR story. How you got started, what you love about your place & area. What’s been your biggest success? What are you currently struggling with?

*This was our 1st Episode! And it looked like it too :) We had technical difficulties that should be fixed going forward, but it will be a number of episodes before we are all pros at Google Hangouts.

That said, interesting things were learned. That’s the beauty of #VRHangouts – good info just comes out that we didn’t even expect.

One was about Becky’s Vacation Rental in Bisbee AZ.  She assumed everyone knew that Bisbee was at 5000 feet and is MUCH cooler than the hot desert of Tucson & Phoenix.  I live in Phoenix myself, and I had no idea! Cool temperatures are a huge selling point to anyone living in Phoenix, so now Becky can use that in her marketing & blog.  It’s SO easy to forget that other people don’t know what we know. I’m pretty clueless, but I bet I’m not the only one who didn’t know Bisbee was so cool. Literally! Time to check out Bisbee…

Suzy from Arbor Breeze Lodge had great tips: one was to encourage people to text you as well as call. Lot’s of people would rather text, so let them do it their way. The other was to join your local Chamber of Commerce. I think she convinced both Becky and I to join ours! I joined not only for the business building aspect, but to get involved in the local community to strengthen our position concerning anti-vacation rental laws. Thanks for the ideas Suzy!

Find out about the next #VRHangout here.

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