#VRHangout Episode #3 – Vacation Rental Contracts. Online vs. Paper and More

Episode #3 – Vacation Rental Contracts / Agreements.

In this weeks episode, Holly, who has a Vacation Rental in Breckenridge  joins me to dish on all things contractual.  And you KNOW there is nothing more exciting than vacation rental contracts!

Show notes with video starting times:

For those interested in ditching paper contracts, and going electronic, read my popular blog post  “The Top 3 Online Contract Options for Vacation Rental Owners.”  I cover not only Echosign which Holly uses, but Google Forms which is totally free. I’ve been using that flawlessly for years and it couldn’t be easier.  The bottom line, try electronic. I guarantee you will never go back and your guests will love you for making their vacation more like a vacation and less like work!

What do you think?  What did we miss in our conversation that you want to add?

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