#VRHangout Episode #4 – Are Pets Helping or Hurting Your Occupancy Rates?

Episode #4 – Are Dogs & Cats Helping Your Vacation Rental Occupancy?

**We had some audio / echo issues on this hangout – listen at your own peril :)

This week Becky from A Bisbee Vacation Rental joins me to discuss the pros and cons of allowing dogs in your vacation home.  Becky’s place is well suited for dogs and, as  dog owner and lover herself, she sees no reason not to allow them. She has done a great job of not only marketing her place for dogs but also making the dogs (and their owners) feel welcome with many dog related items throughout the house.

Personally, I’ve done it both ways and am currently a no-pets cabin.  My place has lots of carpet however, so it’s not suited nearly as well as Becky’s hard wood and tile flooring.

The reason for this topic was an interesting study I did about how allowing dogs affects actual occupancy levels.  While not a large enough study to make sweeping statements, the numbers that it revealed were very different than most would expect.

Do you think allowing pets is a benefit or a burden to your occupancy levels?

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