Let LED Bulbs Light the Way to Vacation Rental Savings

Want to make a simple change that can make your VR management life easer, less expensive, all while making your guests safer? What could it possibly be? LED Light Bulbs! Yes something as simple as LED light bulbs can make a big difference in your vacation rental. Why? Let’s count the ways! 1)  LED bulbs […]

Vacation Rental Rants – Listing Site Reality Check

I’m going to apologize now.  Most VR owners will NOT like hearing this. But it’s the truth. I only say this because I love you. I want you to succeed. Sometimes someone has to step in and and talk 100% reality. Stop wasting time and start adapting.  Let me know what you think in the […]

How To Get Wealthy Tesla Owners Flocking to Your Vacation Rental

As an owner of a vacation rental, you are probably wishing you could snap your fingers and suddenly tap into a lucrative new market of very desirable clients. For those unaware of the Tesla, it’s the hottest car company in the world right now. It’s cars are made in the USA and are a purely […]

Denver HomeAway Summit Recap with Beth Carson

Beth Carson joined me in the Tesla after the HomeAway Summit in Denver, CO. She was one of the speakers and brought a lot of vacation rental knowledge to the table. What we discuss: 1:00 – HomeAway Recap 4:00 – Her book “Money Making Vacation Rentals“ 4:30 – Why Beth believes video is the thing […]

Why You Should Meet Your Vacation Rental Competition

See the video below about my personal experience getting to know a fellow vacation rental owner. I filmed this video several months ago without expecting anything other than hoping to help another owner. As you can see we both sent each other leads which was great, but what I didn’t even know at the time […]

How To Rent Out Your Car Using The “AirBnB of Autos” & Increase Exposure For Your VR

If you are like most vacation rental owners, you have at least one other large asset right under your nose you could be renting out…and you probably don’t even realize it! What exactly am I talking about?  Renting out your CAR! RelayRides.com is basically AirBnB for cars.  It provides a safe platform that lets anyone share […]

Legacy Disney Condo in Orlando Florida

In this edition of the Owner Spotlight, I have my second guest with a vacation rental in Orlando Florida. This time, it’s Jorge Martelanz who happens to be from and living in more places than most rock bands have been. Watch Jorge explain why Orland is the best place to be a kid…at any age! […]

To The Beach! Sitges, Spain Vacation Rentals

What do you do when you live in a big international city like Barcelona, but want to also enjoy a smaller beautiful beach town? Well, you do as Paola did of course:  Buy a vacation rental in Sitges, Spain. It’s pretty amazing as you will see when you visit her website. But before you do […]

Downtown Budapest Vacation Rental Apartment Tips

Have you ever wanted to explore Budapest, Hungary?  It was voted the #1 City in the Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards, so it’s definitely worth considering.  Well, lucky you, you now have a friendly face to reach out to and arrange a great vacation. Watch the video as Virag reveals why her apartments let […]

Paris and Nice Vacation Rentals

What happens when you grew up in the UK, now live in Texas, but love traveling to France ?  Well, you buy a vacation rental in Paris of course! That’s exactly what Ralph & Karen Moorhouse did. They started with an apartment in Paris, then liked it so much they added a second one in […]